Do You Need Help With Your Mortgage Bank?  

♦ Are You Behind In Your Mortgage Payments?

♦ Have You Been Turned Down For A Loan Modification?

♦ Did The Fine Print On Your Mortgage Contain Information You Know Nothing About?

♦ Is Your Mortgage Bank Trying To Foreclose?

Stop Foreclosure

◊ Stop A Trustee Sale

◊ Save Your Home

◊ Stop Your Banks Fraud

◊ Modify Your Mortgage

Don’t Be A Victim Of Your Bank,  We Have Solutions!

At Saunders Law Group we have years of experience helping people just like you fight there bank. We understand the fear and frustration that comes from mortgage issues.  We have helped home owners for over a decade, in most cases we get the results they need.  Whether you are current on your payments or have fallen behind we can help. In many cases we have been able to get defaulted mortgages reinstated with a lower payment and in some cases with a reduced principle balance. It’s never too early or late to solve your current mortgage issues. Call us today and rest assured that you have hired the right team for the job! It’s never to early or late to solve your current mortgages issues.

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Top 5 Reasons I Should Sue My Bank

  1. Stop Being a Victim of the Bank.

Most homeowners don’t realize, until there is a problem, how much control the mortgage company/bank has over there home and their financial future.  Banks do what they want and in many circumstances don’t want to work for what’s in your best interest.  At Saunders law group our goal is your best interest!  Whether you need a new loan, a modification to a current loan, stopping of foreclosure sale or remedy many other mortgage issues.

  1. They Have Attorneys Fighting Against You. Shouldn’t Have Attorneys Fighting For You!

Your bank has attorneys fighting against you.  Those attorneys only have the banks best interest in mind.  This is your chance to fight like they fight, with experienced attorneys on your side.  Our Attorneys fight for your best interest!

  1. Forces The Bank To Work With You.

Banks are in the business of making money on your mortgage not spending money on court cases.  In many cases, banks will chose to work toward the outcome you want to avoid going to trial.  This is a chance to force the bank to do what’s in your best interest.

  1. Get To The Decision Maker

In most cases, when we sue your bank, your case is fast tracked to the decision makers.  This will take your mortgage out of the hands of the mortgage companies lower level employees and put it in the hands of the decision makers.

  1. Save Your Home

In most cases, we can stop a trustee sale and the foreclosure process.  This will give you some relief while we work to fix your mortgage issues and save your home from foreclosure.

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