Evictions – also referred to as unlawful detainer actions – are the process through which a tenant can be removed from either residential or commercial property for non-payment of rent or other specific reasons defined under California’s landlord/tenant laws. Whether you are a property owner or a renter, the lawyers at Saunders Law Group are dedicated to protecting every client’s rights under the law and helping them to successfully resolve their eviction case.

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Protecting Tenants from Being Unlawfully Evicted & Achieving As Much Time As Possible for You In The Property

Our attorneys have been successful in defending clients facing eviction. Our attorneys know the law and understand the techniques used to challenge eviction proceedings and – depending on your situation – achieving as much time as possible in the property within your rights under the law. We analyze every situation with our client’s objectives in mind. Every client is unique and we treat you with compassion and professionalism. We know bad things happen to good people.

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